No influencers for you anymore! 🎉

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Influencer Marketing makes you:

– Constantly seek for relevant influencers 👀
– Run overpriced campaigns, which are hard to measure 💸
– Spend time & money for negotiations and campaign management 🗑
And all that - to create unauthentic and irritating content ☚ī¸
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Your best influencer!

Each has an avg. of 100-300 Instagram followers - consumers with similar tastes & interests. 🛒 🛍


Our Plug & Play solution:

  • – Turns every customer into your brand ambassador đŸ“Ŗ
  • – Increases your social media exposure & brand awareness 📈
  • – Generates new sales đŸ’ĩ
  • – Gets you TONNES of authentic user-generated content 📸
  • – Automates your Instagram marketing! ⚙ī¸

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